tutorials on image processing and particle systems on wiki

hey everyone

I’ve put up some basic tutorials on how to do image processing and implement a particle system using openFrameworks up on the wiki http://wiki.openframeworks.cc/index.php?title=Main-Page

Check 'em out, fix any mistakes, and let me know what you think!


Thanks for that. Very good tutorial. I hope you(or some other giving soul) will go a little further with this in the future and explain how to integrate gravity, friction and collision detection.


Unfortunately the particle example does not compile. I figured out some of the problems but the code related to the iterators still throws errors.

Also note that window_width needs to be replaced with ofGetWidth()
and window_height needs to be replaced with ofGetHeight()


thnks. can you pls add gravity, collision detection between two box2d objects and friction examples to the same tutorial.

I’m having some troubles with these tutorials…

For the Image Processing one http://wiki.openframeworks.cc/index.php?title=Image-processing , I’m getting an error that inverted, which is a texture declared in my tesApp.h (I’ve also tried to declare this in testApp.cpp above void setup…)
, like such:

ofTexture* inverted;

is ‘not declared in this scope’ (highlighting it’s instantiation is setup)

inverted = invert_color_image(&im);

… the page itself is pretty bare on instructions of the overall placement, but please help if it’s an easy fix…


@jesses .I can’t give any solution about your problem.However, thanx for the post as I found some useful info directly contributing to processing-images with wiki.If someone can post moreimage-processing-tutorails about collision detection and friction ,that’s would be nice.

Best regards

here is some tutorials-on-image-processing-c#, not sure if it is what you are looking for. but you can give it a try. i hope it helps.