Tutorials and references

First of all: thank you openFrameworks admins to keep this forum a great resource for exchanging knowledge. I do have a suggestion.

This is what I dream of:

A well structured page on the main website with useful, openFrameworks specific tutorials. With topics covering the essentials, which you can either refer to or learn from. And over time add specific (more advanced) topics to get users to the next level.

I know there are examples available (which is great); but they are very unstructured (not in one place), only handle very specific topics and not always to the newest versions.

This will require frequent maintenance (by either the tutorial writer or the modulator), but this may also help to handle questions easier, as the tutorials might take away a lot of FAQs on the forum here. But most importantly; it will really help people to become better and better to work with openFrameworks.

(I know processing has something similar: http://processing.org/learning/basics/)

Some suggestions:
• Structured tutorials
• Link to related forum questions
• Link to (if any) external sites (gitHub, other)

We’re all working on it, promise :slight_smile: Right now the new site is being put together collaboratively and you can find the source on github: https://github.com/arturoc/new-OF-site

I’m definitely not fully experienced in openFrameworks or c++, but this puts me in a situation in which if I have to learn something new I have to make a simple example or ask in the forum, so I can provide simple examples like the ones in the Processing website. And since I’ll be using openF for a very long time I thought I’d contribute. =D

While contributing I hope I can learn more while being directed to the information in order to make better examples.
I’m a civil industrial engineer, I have a strong background in sound engineering, signal processing and know much about music and video production. I also have no problem with science and math, both practical and theory.

Who do I have to speak to to get involved?

Probably the best thing to do is fork the repository that Arturo has started and add any tutorials or documentation that you want, the send him a pull request. That’s what I’ve been doing :slight_smile:

Will do that. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not clear yet where tutorials are going to be but almost sure markdown will be the syntax we’ll choose so if you want to begin adding something you can create a _tutorials folder in the root of my repo and begin adding tutorials there with plain markdown syntax and a name like tutorial.markdown

about the docs, if you want to contribute you can add descriptions to what it’s already there by adding text below the _description_ field of each element. There’s more detailed instructions here:


I’ve always had problems with sites like github, mostly because I’ve never been explained how they work and why I need so many programs to use it, after which I get a folder with many source files (remember the first time someone told you to compile something?). As a beginner I think it confuses me and mentioning it might mislead a beginner into thinking he needs to have it without knowing what “it” is.

It is not my wish to disrupt you guys that make openFrameworks of course and I was thinking about avoiding github for now and focus on taking the Processing tutorial concepts listed on the site that vinesh mentioned and “porting” them to openFrameworks. Keeping it very very simple and light, avoiding deeper concepts when neccesary. Even posting it on some “other” place for newbies.

What do you guys think?

Don’t fear github, it’s not that difficult. For using github, you don’t need any other programs, actually, and there’s a couple things you can do without even touching git - you can edit/add to the wiki, and you can even edit files directly in the github interface, without downloading. For example, go here https://github.com/arturoc/new-OF-site/blob/master/-docs/graphics/ofPath.markdown and click “fork and edit this file”.

Look at the articles in the github oF wiki: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/wiki
Look at the github help pages: http://help.github.com/

If you make tutorials for another site, please at least make them using markdown syntax, so they can easily be integrated into the new oF page.

Nice. I’ve never really used markdown syntax but I’ll try to learn and use it.

My problem with github is not the site itself but the amount of “other” applications asked to be used when trying to achieve something. If I remember correctly, at some point I had to install Python 2.7, lxml 2.3 and Python argparse but one of these programs asked for more apps at which point I didn’t know what it was. I entered lines in the command line which never worked, it just opened a console and immediately closed. Later I noticed it was a 32 or 64 bit problem.
Stuff like this is really confusing… but worry not! after a whole lot of effort it is working (it was the python script for generating projects for openF).

(By the way, I’m not complaining and the information you have given me is really usefull! =D )
I was also thinking of making the tutorial with a lot of graphics. I have access to CodeBlocks, Visual C++ 2010 Express and Xcode but I’ve never used the last one.

If it was the script for generating projects, it has no connection with github or git that I am aware of, so the blame rests on the wrong shoulders (no offense though, just wanted to clear that up). I thought that you referred to using git itself (checking out/branching stuff), which often happens via the command line, and can be intimidating to newcomers (it was to me, too).

Yes, that is exactly my point. =)
No offense taken, I still haven’t gotten everything working.

I’ll see what I can do with a tutorial focussing on newcomers based on the Processing tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue:

The git and scripts are a bit tricky, but as long as you do what you’re doing in markdown (http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) it’ll be able to get rolled into the website very easily. I’m still working away on documentation, but I’d love to see some processing-style tutorials get added in that can be cross-referenced from the docs.

Any suggestions on what Processing tutorial you guys would like to “mirror”? or should I just try with the one vinesh mentioned? http://processing.org/learning/basics/

I started using openFrameworks last year and I didn’t get it so I learnt Processing, but then I had to go back to openF. I think that an openFrameworks tutorial that would somehow “mirror” a Processing tutorial would be very usefull.

@joshua noble
I have your book (Programming Interactivity) right here. Also, “Getting started with Processing” and “Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists” by Reas & Fry.
Getting started with Processing has examples already built into Processing. Those might be interesting to mirror.

i wanted some tutorials related to opencv and opengl using OF can someone guide me please

and i was trying the new OF site in github i forked it and tried to run in local server the documentation pages are not being loaded with 404 not found messages

I’ve been very busy and hope to get into making the tutorials I mentioned soon, in the meantime ask away swaroop.pal101088. It might be better to search the forums or make a thread or something.

I finally managed to finish a lot of work I normally do so now I want to start and finish the tutorial (with markdown) as we talked about.

Before I start I’d like to know if you guys have any pointers since I don’t really know markdown nor have a used GITHub enough.
I’d make a thread in the forum once I’ve started to have more input.


Sure thing!
Tutorials go into this repository: https://github.com/openframeworks/ofSite
Take a look at the other tutorials in the _tutorials folder to see how it’s done.

regarding markdown, there’s some info in the ofSite repo readme, and the ofsite repo wiki, and the infor already posted in this thread.

regarding git(hub), there’s a tutorial about that here: http://www.openframeworks.cc/tutorials/developers/002-git-and-openFrameworks.html and some more advanced stuff here: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/wiki/openFrameworks-git-workflow

I’m getting the hang of this but I am not sure what topic I should choose.
I’m reading here that Zach Gage is doing a very complete openFrameworks for Processing users tutorial. I was thinking of merging the ones on the webpage mentioned before in this same thread but as excecutable files too. I thought there would be less existing tutorials but the ones in github are very nice! Who coordinates them?

I have a bunch of ideas on what I could do so I would like a bit of direction on what already exists, what you guys want this to have, its goals and also in what way I could help you guys out.