Tutorial pathway

Hello there, ladies and gents.

I’m new to using OpenFrameworks, and I’m only moderately familiar with programming in C++. So far, I’ve played around with “ofTutorials - Chapter 1 - Getting Started” and expanded a little on the concepts I’ve learned from it.

I’m feeling a little lost right now, however, as I’m not sure how I should move on to more advanced concepts. I imagine this kind of question may be painfully common here so I apologise.

How do people generally transition from that tutorial? From the documentation, I can see that there’s a vast library of methods available. Do people just try them all out one by one? Googling tutorials have been turning up ones teach the same concepts or else provides functional source code but doesn’t explain how it works. I’m not entirely sure if I’m just terrible at searching or what. A nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Yay for my first post to avoid account deletion.

i always found the examples super helpful, that come with the OF release download. you can find them in the examples folder.
i looked at them all and copy pasted the parts that i needed.

Welp, looks like my searching sucked hard. Lots and lots of things to play with here as well as some audio analysis stuff which I’m very interested in. Thanks!

Hopefully playing with these and the things I’ll learn can substitute for having in-depth mathematical knowledge of Fast Fourier Transforms…