Turning a line into a tube with ofMesh

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a bit. I’m trying to figure out how I could efficiently turn lines that I have plotted out, into tubes in ofMesh.

Essentially, I’ve made some generative plant forms, and I am trying to thicken the branches into something substantial. I hope to deform the mesh that it results in, but all I really need initially is a method to get the tube.

I’ve thought of a few methods, but I’m not entirely sure about the right way to execute them. First, I could create a circle for each point, perpendicular to the line it’s on, and then mesh between all of those, but I can’t seem to find a spot to start. This seems like something that could be useful for a lot of applications, I’d love to see how others might approach it.

here’s some potentially helpful links:

@aceslowman I would suggest you the second addon, ofxPtf.

Thank you both! ofxPtf has brought me a lot closer to getting this to work!