tuio events


I have got tuio events working but am not sure whether it’s the best way of doing things. At the moment, I am converting a tuio messing in the testApp.cpp into a touch event and then calling ofNotifyEvent like so:

void testApp::tuioAdded(ofxTuioCursor & tuioCursor){  
	static ofTouchEventArgs touchEventArgs;   
	touchEventArgs.x = tuioCursor.getX();    
	touchEventArgs.y = tuioCursor.getY(); = tuioCursor.getFingerId();   
	ofNotifyEvent( ofEvents.touchDown, touchEventArgs);  

Then I simply register an object with touchevents and it works. However, in ofxTuioClient.h, ofNotifyEvent is being called already and so I was wondering whether I am doing the right thing converting the events into touch events or is it possible to receive the tuio events in the object, bypassing the testApp?