TUIO and oF - state of the art?

hey there,

in the last 3 month I worked on a multitouch table and used the tuio protocol for the touch events. my last mt project is almost 3 years ago and I was wondering if there isn’t a tuio integration in the oF core yet. I expected to find something like that in the touchEvent system or in the ofxMultitouch addon. but the last one is more or less designed for iOS and android only - right?

I found some tuio addons like ofxTuio and ofxTuioWrapper. both seemed not to work out of the box with oF 0071+ or are barely documented. I forked arturo’s wrapper and was able to get client & server working and since my searching around patricio also added a clean example for ofxTuio. so all is just fine.

I’m still a little surprised cause I expected a clear plug and play tuio oF solution and many people using it. but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

so long story short: are there not so many mt table projects made with openFrameworks, is tuio outdated or how are you guys doing it?


from my graphical understanding of tuio program (and using it a few times),

it seems like somewhat simple algorithms (contrast, background subtraction, blob analysis) that is already in most of the oF examples… unless im missing something?

yes the tuio protocol and reactivision haven’t been maintained for a while. i started ofxtuioWrapper using a version of tuio that never got published so it might not be compatible with the latest official version. the easiest would be to directly use the c++ api for tuio or adapt one of the addons as you did