Trying to update ofxSpine to 4.x runtime Failed

Hello Everyone,
Been trying for several days now to update @kikko 's 9 year old ofxSpine addon to work with the latest Spine2D Spine-C runtime, but nothing works.

Has anyone successfully made ofxSpine to work using the latest Spine-C runtime? Would really appreciate it if anyone could share a working copy of the addon that works with the latest Spine-C runtime.

Here’s the repo for the latest Spine-C runtime: spine-runtimes/spine-c at 4.0 · EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes · GitHub

Here’s @kikko 's unupdated ofxSpine repo:

Thank you very much in advance

there’s a “recent” fork that you can try:

it seems for OF 0.9…

Thanks for this @moebiussurfing. Apparently, those repos are still using the old spine2d runtimes.

Maybe you can try to install OF 0.9.8 and try to compile ofxSpine.
Once you make this work, you can try to duplicate the repo and to replace the libs,
looking inside the addon or using it as a template/inspiration.