Trying to start a kinect openframeworks project.

Hi everyone… I’m new to open framework and am pretty amateur when it comes to coding, but im confident i have enough knowledge to get the work done. Right now I’m interested in starting a open frameworks project with Microsofts Kinect. All im trying to do right now is have the option of finding the 3-D coordinates of a unique colored ball in 3-d space.

I’m running windows7 and correct me if im wrong but kinect is not yet fully compatible with open framework on windows?

I just installed open framework and ran a test project. If anyone can give me tidbits, help, or anything i should know on my journey to this project please do… I’ll be more then happy to read them all.

Some direction from where i gotta go from here would be best.

Thank you in advance, sorry if my english is not the greatest.

you need:

  • a working OF installation for your IDE (code::blocks or Visual Studio)
  • libUSB for windows
  • ofxKinect from Theo’s github

Then you can make an empty OF project, include the ofxKinect addon, link libUSB and you should be ready to go.

I wish it was that easy, but except if I’m missing something, it’s not :wink:
(although we could theorically have a universal addon that allows to use the Kinect with Libfreenect, Libusbemu, OpenNI or CL NUI - and hopefully we’ll get there some day)

I’ll post updates once I get something to work.


Any advances in ofxkinect implementacion on Win??

im having problems with the usblib emulation… what do you use?

thanks a lot!

Nope, I haven’t had much time lately :confused:

as for libfreenect, i simply followed this

Wow!! hi again,

Thank you for the very very fast answer, i will to follow the instruccion of thelink, and i return to show my results…

thnks again!

hi :lol:

Last time I tried, CMake could only create a Visual Studio project, anything else was failing. I don’t know if it’s supposed to work with Code::Blocks now.

But if you have troubles compiling Libfreenect, you might try this place first :wink:

Hi :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice day. :!: