trying to make a .exe file

When I compile my project the .exe file isn’t built the way it should be. I try to rebuilt the project also… and… the same :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that –

it’s strange, because I’ve been told the apps run on vista. are you on 64 bit? are all of the apps giving you a problem or just some, like the ones that use quicktime, etc…

when you double click the exe do you get an error or crash? can you post a screenshot? I am super curious.

any information about your computer / spec / cpu is really helpful…

It gives me no errors and I think the problem is because I have the Windows Vista.

somehow I doubt that vista would break all xp compatible apps, there would be an uproar, but it does break alot of drivers, etc. I’ve run OF apps on vista before (and I know people have compiled before), so I know it’s completely possible, but I’m also avoiding upgrading any of my machines to it for the time being (and likely moving to ubuntu instead)

can you test the following for me:
make a simple example in devcpp (c++) of an app just saying hello world

Could it be that? if so, what can I do about it?

I’m not convinced it’s that - but anything you can post about your situation will help us debug. I have run and see OF apps running on vista before, so I am much more concerned it’s a 32bit vs 64bit or some other kind of more obscure issue… I am super happy to try to help debug it.

take care,

strange, I don’t know what happened with phpbb, but I seemed to have swallowed your original post charly with my own. so now I am responding again. happy to help! - zach

First of all I want to thank you and I am so sorry for taking so long to answer.

I find it so strange that it didn’t built the .exe file, so I started a new project and it does compile perfectly well with no problems.

I must have done something wrong, very wrong… though I don’t think I have deleted any file of the library or something like that…

Thank you and i’m sorry to bother