True type Font edge blending ugliness in FBO's

I feel like I’ve solved this before, but I’m having an issue with rendering true type fonts on nothing/alpha in an FBO. I’m getting crunchy edges when I render like that.

Top string is rendering the text into a 32bit RGBA fbo, on the left side I’ve drawn a black rectangle behind the font inside the FBO. Bottom is just drawing text as normal, outside of an FBO. If I enable blend modes it goes away, but I can’t just throw Add Blend over everything in this case. Drawing stuff behind the text AND inside the same FBO makes it look fine generally, but I can’t do that here either.

Am I missing something with my FBO allocation settings - tried enabling smoothing and anti aliasing inside the FBO, tried numSamples=4, tried the TTF dpi


Issue discussion here.

ah - that does it I think, thanks Chris! I just changed the clear color to ofClear(255,0) and it looks correct again - thanks!