Troubleshoot with MPE (most pixels ever)

Hey guys,
I’m trying to run the MPE basic example but i can’t seem to get it working.
My two problems are:
I connect to the server perfectly, my code runs, but i don’t get any of the balls that are suppose to be bouncing.
My second problem is that two windows are suppose to pop-up and i only see one.
Could anyone help out?

hi lucas

i think you should …

  • run the java server trough the command line
  • copy the client application executable into 2 diferent folders, each one has to read a different XML file (into /data) with it’s data . (i think it’s all ready to do so on the folder structure of the example).
  • to see the balls bouncing you need to execute 2 apps, each one with different XML data. Once the 2 applications are running the server starts to make the balls bounce …

does it help ?


Worked perfectly. It’s running a bit slow but we’ll figure that out. Thanks a lot.

Pretty sweet idea. <ight it be slowing because of all the debug messages ? Seems to be running ok on my machine.