Troubles with running examples

When i run androidPolygonExample, i get error in a run tab:

Unable to determine application id: No outputs for the main artifact of variant: arm64-debug

May be something to do with Gradle.

Hmm. That’s a new one to me.

Did you try to run the OF Android project generator program on the project before importing it to Android Studio?

I find Android Studio to be extremely fragile and full of obscure things that need to be done or else I tend to get a usually-not-very-helpful error message.

My notes on my process to get Android Studio to work are here: Notes on steps I took to successfully get a 64-bit APK published to the Google App Store (though OF version 11 works too - ignore the part about using an earlier nightly build).

I have the same problem with several examples I try.

What versions of Android Studio are you folks using?

Android Studio 3.6.3

Ok, I got some time to test, and got androidPolygonExample to run without more than usual Android Studio annoyances.

I use Android Studio 3.5.1 currently, as that is a version that currently seems to work to actually codesign OF apps for publication.

And I think that is the problem that is causing the listed error message, too.

That is, newer versions of Android Studio have jettisoned support for the versions of the Gradle which are able to build OF.

This answer about that error message indicates that the unintelligible Android Studio error message you are seeing is about lack of Gradle version support, so I do think that’s what you’re running into.

So I would use use Android Studio 3.5.1.

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