Troubles with Project Generator

Hello all,

I’m new to openFrameworks, but it seems pretty great so far.

I just became aware of the Project Generator app, which would be pretty convenient for starting new projects (copying over the blank template and renaming everything is a bit of a pain).

However, I don’t believe the app is running properly on my machine; while everything seems to display correctly, I can’t seem to adjust the Name or Path. When I hover the mouse over the Name button, the color changes, and if I click it, a box appears in the lower corner saying “sketch name set to: mySketch,” but there seems to be no way for me to actually change the name of the sketch.

Looking through the source code, it seems that some sort of dialog box should be popping up when I hover the mouse over; there’s a call to the function ofSystemTextBoxDialog(), but I don’t see this doing anything!

My OS is Fedora, and perhaps I should mention I had some slight problems with compiling openFrameworks. I had to modify the makefile to include /usr/include/cairo or something so it could find the cairo development files.

I’m not sure if I should submit either of these problems to the bugs on github, but I’d greatly appreciate any help!

hm we have a fedora build script ( so if that is not working correctly, please file an issue over at github.

Thanks, I posted a little report detailing the issue, but there seems to be another topic about that in this forum, so I’m guessing others have already looked into it.

Any ideas concerning the problems with the Project Generator? I can’t see any sort of way to set a project name or path.

nope, sorry, I rarely use it, cause I’m on Eclipse which only needs the makefiles and an addons.make.

Which version of the PG are you using? The GTK pop-up window works for me. Are you able to compile the PG without errors?

I’m using whatever PG comes with the of_v0.7.4_linux64; I tried the one that was installed in the projectGenerator/ directory, and then used make to compile the generator in apps/projectGenerator/projectGeneratorSimple.

It seemed to compile without too many issues; there were some error messages with some of the Gui components but they were mostly “unused variable” and things that shouldn’t cause problems with things running.

Do you know what the function to bring up the popup window is called? Maybe I could troubleshoot this separately.

the one that was installed in the projectGenerator/ directory,
the generator in apps/projectGenerator/projectGeneratorSimple.
those two should be the same.

“unused variable” and things that shouldn’t cause problems with things running.
indeed, those are warnings, not errors, so shouldn’t be of much concern for you.

This is the code that calls the dialog box for the app name. It’s an OF function, so you should be able to add it to a regular app and see how/if it fails.

testApp.cpp:565:            string text = ofSystemTextBoxDialog("choose sketch name", buttons[0].myText);  

Have you run the script in the scripts/fedora folder?

Also, if you run the projectGeneratorSimple from the command line, do you get any errors in the console when you run it?