Trouble with GitHub and making OF project portable

I’ve had trouble setting up GitHub with OF. If I move my OF project to any other location than the myApps folder it has problem reading said project which I assume has to do with library and directory includes, which can be fixed by updating the project with the projectGenerator after moving it. But when using GitHub to share the project the whole thing falls apart when opening it on a different computer. Some header files can’t be included and none of the classes are included in the project anymore. Therefore I wonder if anyone knows how to make an OF project fully portable so these problems don’t occur! Thanks in advance for any advice.

if you move the project out of the apps folder (or anywhere 2 levels bellow the OF root) the project paths are set as absolute which means that moving somewhere else will break.

The only way to make the project portable and be able to run it in different machines is keeping it two levels below the OF root

Thanks for clarifying!