trouble setting up android dev for mac mavericks/xcode 5

hey all,

as the title shows, this is what im having trouble with at this moment. i recently got hold of an older model samsung, galaxy ace [first one], and fancied just trying out some things on oF for it.

ive followed the whole guide to setup the android dev to work with oF, or at least im sure ive done everything right. but when i open a project for android, i just get errors, even when the device is not connected, i dont have ADT opening to replace the phone that is not connected.
this is the error i get when building with the ofAndroidGUIExample, it a screenshot

im have the gitHub download instead of the one for public consumption, but also have the android one from the oF site, which i was using to build this project.
plus as well, i feel maybe the steps to get working have maybe confused me somewhat. when you are ‘importing’ the different paths, do you have to press ‘finish’ then go back to import to get the rest. this is how ive been doing it as i could not get the folders to come in all at the same time.

but if anyone has a guide or something like that that is specific to mac users, then i would be very happy. the guide is for mac, but has linux based things and feel im getting confused by it all

many thanks

![]( Shot 2013-11-21 at 19.07.37.png)

seems like you are using xcode? as it’s explained in the guide you need android ADT to compile for android.

ah hahaha, i thought, due to getting dev tools for mac that you would use xcode. my very dumb and silly mistake. will let you know how it gets on