Trouble Loading Images in Android Demos

Hi All,

I have gotten the Android version of OpenFrameworks so build just fine, but when I try running the example applications the ones the involve loading content don’t load the content.

For example, when I run the AndroidImageExample demo, it runs fine on my Nexus phone, but no image is shown. It uses image.loadImage(“images/bikers.jpg”); in the setup() function.

I have build and run several OSX open frameworks applications and examples which use image loading and they run just fine. In this case the images are the in bin/data directory. However when I build the same apps in Android then no image is loaded.

I am using OF 0.7.4 on OSX 10.7.4 and with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone.

So a few questions

Is this a known problem?

Do I need to copy the image file onto my phone, rather than just leaving it on my Mac?

If I need to copy the images over to the phone then where should they be put by default?

Sorry for the question, but I’m a newbie when it comes to OF Android development.


this should work just by having images in the data folder in the computer, check that they are there, i’ve recently found that eclipse some times completely removes the contents of the bin folder. i’ll move data to another location for the next release

also in some phones there is a bug till 0.7.4 where the resources folder used by OF is not correct, try with the nightly builds to see if it fixes it for you: