Trouble compiling ofxps3eyegrabber with most recent OF build

I’m working on trying to get a new version of a ps3eye multicam app ( ps3eyesyphon_2 ) to build and run in xcode 9, but I keep running into issues with missing files ( ‘libusb.h’ file not found - for example) in ps3eyegrabber.cpp

I’ve checked on github a few times and I believe I have the most recent version of ofxps3eyegrabber but I’m fairly certain that there are some discrepancies with the current ofxkinect addon - mainly that it does not contain libusb.h any longer.

Has anyone made or are they aware of any updates to ofxps3eyegrabber that use the most current version of libusb?

I just went through and tested everything with the latest openFrameworks release on both the stable and master branches of ofxPS3EyeGrabber and found no problems related to ofxKinect.

All of the examples should be working on macOS if you follow the getting started section of the README.

My guess is that you are using out of date Xcode project files from the ps3eyesyphon_2 project. They should be regenerated using Project Generator.

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I am guessing you have pulled openframeworks from github. Try running the download libs script for your platform again to solve this.

I am going to update the app in the coming days (I made it).


Thanks so much for your help!

I went for a fresh start approach to solve the problem.

My friend and I made another app using the ofxps3eyegrabber multi cam example and added syphon client capability.

Thanks everyone!

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