Trouble compiling ofxAubio, Windows 10

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to compile ofxAubio example, in Windows 10.

Here is my problem :
When I compile, I have those type of errors :
“undefined reference to new_aubio_tempo' undefined reference toaubio_tempo_set_silence’

First, I thought it was because my library was not linked, but I (think at least) linked with this command : set PATH : …
Unfortunately, not working…
Now I don’t really know how to make it working :/.

Here is my setup : Windows 10, OF_v0.9.8, compile with minGW in comand line (I don’t use IDE). I downloaded ofxAubio for windows here :, and example on GitHub.

If you have any idea of what may cause this issue…

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: