Tried framerate tutorial and was at 60fps without ofSetFrameRate

For some reason my app is running 60fps. I haven’t even capped the framerate. I’m not able to get the 1000 or so frames a second the tutorial suggests which makes me think that something is seriously wrong.

There is no ofSetFrameRate in the code. I’m just using the empty project with the fps counter described in the tutorial.

OSX10.8.4 2.66ghz 4gb - XCode 4.6.3

Any clue as to what’s going on?

OF 0.8.0 has vertical refresh enabled by default so the framerate will be capped to 60fps. To disable it you can call:


then the application will run as fast as it can.

take into account that given that the screen will only show as much frames per second as it’s vertical sync, disabling the vertical sync it’s usually not recommended except for debugging. not only you’ll be using more cpu than you really need but you’ll also get tearing

Thanks. It now accelerates up to 690 odd. Not sure if that’s normal.

I’m au fait with screen tearing from Flash (which doesn’t give a hoot about vertical sync at times). It’s sensible fixing it. I just wanted to see a ridiculous framerate after working in Actionscript for so many years.