Triangulation addon

I was wondering if there are new addons to make mesh triangulation or similar. This and this are a bit outdated and they do not work with the current OF version. What are you using nowadays?

Both addons still work perfectly. Check github forks for adaptions to current OF.

Check the forks? one by one? hell no. The original version of the addons is not working on OF 0.10, I’ve tested them, that’s why I am posting the question :wink:
I did this fork of ofxTriangleMesh and it is kind of working with 0.10

Github provides a convenient timeline overview of forks, ordered by latest commit, when you click the number next to the ‘Fork’ button and select ‘Network’ in the menu that follows.
Changes are that someone already fixed the issues for you. :grin:

I know, thanks.