Travis build of osx libopenFrameworksDebug.a is broken


My Travis build of oF addon failed only on osx.
travis.yml is from ofxAddonTempalte

It looks like libopenFrameworksDebug.a is broken.

Here is Link Error on my Travis and OSX local machine with Terminal make Debug. (I switched .a file and build)

“ofBaseApp::keyPressed(ofKeyEventArgs&)”, referenced from:
vtable for ofApp in ofApp.o
“ofBaseApp::mouseMoved(ofMouseEventArgs&)”, referenced from:
vtable for ofApp in ofApp.o

Of course I’m sure I implemented all function which I declare on ofApp.h file.
All errors are related to ofBaseApp so I assume it is related to this commit few days ago.

Strange thing is, oF also build emptyExample on Travis and it doesn’t have any problem.


Here is simple emptyExample ci build.


That PR fixes the problem, but the standard addons CI scripts are still using an outdated version of the OF static lib here:

(currently from July, 2017).

I believe @arturo is in the process of fixing a bunch of CI related issues right now and sometime soon this lib will be rebuilt and uploaded, which will make the addon CI tests run again on macOS.

In the mean time, I am simply rebuilding all of OF for my macOS tests. I do this by using my own branch of OF here:

Basically the differences are in this commit (don’t download the out of date lib for macOS and force a rebuild of OF for macOS):

An example of my travis setup is here:

I use this .travis file for all of my addons (it pulls a common set of build scripts for finding / downloading addon dependencies, etc).


Also, there is some related discussion at the bottom of this thread.


Thanks and oh my got I didn’t notice libopenframeworksDebug.a is build on July.
I will try your force rebuild script.


I might find the reason of OSX upload problem. @arturo

Xcode creates openFrameworksDebug.a
makefile creates libopenFrameworksDebug.a try to upload libopenFrameworksDebug.a in condition of non makefile compile which is mismatch.

- if [ "$TARGET" != "osx" ] || [ "$OPT" != "makefiles" ]; then
      echo "OSX makefiles, not uploading libraries";


aah, that might be it, i’ll give it a try later. thanks!