transparent windows background app?


Is it possible to build a transparent background application?

void ofBackground(int r, int g, int b)  
    bgColor[0] = (float)r / (float)255.0f;  
    bgColor[1] = (float)g / (float)255.0f;  
    bgColor[2] = (float)b / (float)255.0f;  
    bgColor[3] = 1.0f;  
    // if we are in not-auto mode, then clear with a bg call...  
    if (ofbClearBg() == false)  
        glClearColor(bgColor[0],bgColor[1],bgColor[2], bgColor[3]);  

I have changed the bgColor[3] to 0.0f but it doesn’t work. Should I resort to any other addon?


If you are in windows use visual c 2008, in option proyect you can make this posible, but from openframewors i can´t make this, i had the same problem and fixed with this, read mlre from google…