transparency ALPHA & ofAndroid


today I was looking at this:

I wanted to show some image with transparency (png) and then set a dynamic alpha (basically I was wondering if I could do some transitions with alpha for my menus).

But this code doesn’t work as the images show.

void testApp::draw(){  
        // enable blending  
	// set blend mode  
	// set to 50% alpha  
	// draw the picture  
	myPicture.draw(0, 0);  
	// draw the picture again  
	myPicture.draw(53, 40);  
        // turn off alpha blending  

It multiplies the image color, tinting it and making it completely white.

Is it because of Android OpenGl??

Have anyone figured out how to work with dynamic alphas in Android?


What device? I’ve had alpha issues on Kindle Fire (not in OF though)