Translate mouse position

I am wondering if anyone knows a way to grab the transformed coordinates of a point after a transformation. I am building a class that handles parent/child drawing and the rendering works great, but I cannot figure out how to get the position of the mouse based on the child rotation. Thanks in advance.

look into the ofxVectorMath addon examples - demonstrates rotating a vector.

Thanks that pointed me in the right direction. Posting final result if anyone else ends up searching on this.

mouse.x -= this->x;
mouse.y -= this->y;

mouse.x *= (1/scaleX);
mouse.y *= (1/scaleY);

double rad = ofDegToRad(360 - this->rotation);
float xold = mouse.x;
float yold = mouse.y;

mouse.x = cos(rad) * xold - sin(rad) * yold;
mouse.y = sin(rad) * xold + cos(rad) * yold;