Transition from loading image

Want to fade the load image out instead of it just disappearing so I’ve added code that draws the Default.png image in draw(). There’s a short flicker though, seems like there’s an empty frame drawn before the code in draw executes. I’ve tried drawing the image in setup too but there’s still the flicker. Is there a way around this?


the flicker is usually due to the gdb attaching itself to your program when you’re running it with the phone attached to your computer.
does it work if you run the app not from a debugging environment? (e.g. not connected to xcode, and just tapping on the app icon on your phone to launch it?)

That was it, works fine when run on the iPhone.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi there,
i have this problem on the device too even as an exported and installed .ipa
do you know what another cause could be?