Transfer data between a number of Raspberry Pis

I’m planning a project which will require data to be transferred between two or three Raspberry Pis all running openFrameworks apps.

At the moment I’m thinking that connecting them with crossover ethernet cables and using OSC to transfer data will be the best solution (one pi will also being running a node.js process so will also be able to communicate using OSC as well). The data will be arrays of floats.

Is this set up a good way to proceed? Is there another method I should be thinking about that would be faster?

Many thanks

OSC is a pretty nice protocol, nothing speaking against using it in this case. It’s made for speed, works over UDP and is easy to use in OF.
Though I would get a switch and not use a crossover cable, especially if you don’t know yet if you are going to use 2 or 3 Pi’s. A cheap 100mbit switch costs you less than 10$. Or get a used one for ~2-3$.

Brilliant, thanks @Prof_Sparkles.