Trackmate: open source object tracking with a webcam

I’ve been using open frameworks over the past 8 months, working on an open source project to track visual tags on a surface using a webcam.

From the website:
Trackmate is an open source initiative to create an inexpensive, do-it-yourself tangible tracking system. The Trackmate Tracker allows any computer to recognize tagged objects and their corresponding position, rotation, and color information when placed on a surface. Trackmate sends all object data via LusidOSC (a protocol layer for unique spatial input devices), allowing any LusidOSC-based application to work with the system.

You can see videos, download the latest version (which now uses OF version 0.06), and get source code, as well as a bundle of Java/Processing-based applications that work with the system, on the sourceforge site:

Thanks for putting together such a great framework!

  • Adam

and here’s a screenshot from the Tracker to give you an idea: