Tracking sea turtles visualization

Hello - we’re looking for help in developing an interactive visualization of the paths of sea turtles that have been released into the wild. The visualization will be displayed on a large multitouch wall in a high-visibility location. The visualization will become part of a relatively permanent exhibit – definitely something that will be running for several years.

Our client is affiliated with a rehabilitation and research institute, so we have access to quite a bit of historical migration tracking data, as well as a more limited stock of live tracking data.

We have prepared visual and interaction design, so you’ll just need good skills in programmatic motion. As far along as it is, there’s always room in our process for good ideas to work their way into the design and for you to be involved in finessing the interaction design if you are so inclined.

This is a freelance project for several months, beginning very soon. We have a lot of work though so there is the possibility of further work if you are so inclined.

This is in NYC but we are not opposed to working remotely. Have a look at some of our other work ( and email me ( if you are interested. Thanks - look forward to talking.