Trace/Breakpoint trap. Error ?

Hi, it’s been a long time I didn’t post but I come back with something cool for you, champions :slight_smile:

My app stops when I’m debugging it, not crashing stopping and in debugger windows I have that

Setting breakpoints  
Debugger name and version: GNU gdb 6.8  
Child process PID: 3536  
Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.  
In ntdll!TpWaitForAlpcCompletion () (C:\Windows\system32\ntdll.dll)  

and it stops on that line

m_fontPath = m_fontFont.getCharacterAsPoints(m_fontWord[idxLetter]);  

when I say to code::blocks to continue, it continues and stops (in short time)
when I say to go to next line, it goes to next line
it’s debugging some windows stuff, I think !!!

After reading some forums here and there, It confirms that hypothesis…
but i didn’t clearly understand what to do to resolve

Who wants to help me, that’s funny :smiley:

this instruction put in Code::Blocks\Settings\Debugger settings\DEbugger initialization command
seems to do the job

handle SIGTRAP nostop

found here


I know it’s old but I kept getting this and it solved my issue. Thanks !