tr1 osx 10.10.5 oF0.9 xcode 6.3.2


Im working on a project using oF 0.9 on OS X 10.10.5 and Xcode 6.3.2.

Works great, but im getting an error trying to use an addon with uses tr1 calls, so im getting this error when compiling

tr1/functional file not found

how can i get that to compile?

anything in tr1 should be now in the root of the includ path so anything like

#include <tr1/functional>

should now be:

#include <functional>

tr1 stands for technical report 1 and almost everything in it became part of the c++11 standard so when you tell the compiler to use c++11 it doesn’t use tr1 anymore since those files are now directly available

i understand, thanks a lot arturo!!