tr1/memory file not found and libstdc++ already set

I have this app for iOS and OSX that was working ok until recently. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly I’ve changed to make this happen, but kind of suddenly I started getting this error: 'tr1/memory' file not found.

I’ve been going through some Github issues, namely this one which seems to the be biggest one on the subject. I’ve double-checked what seems to be their suggestion for fixing this which is changing the project settings of the C++ Standard Library to libstdc++. That didn’t work for me.

I’ve also tried running the same project with master branch and the same thing persists.

Any idea how can I fix this? Thanks!

It’s a bit of a tricky error. Is the library set in the Project’s or in the Target’s build settings? If you set it in the project, it’s possible the target is overriding it.

If you could share your project.pbxproj file (inside the .xcodeproj folder) it’d be a little easier to figure out what’s wrong.

Do you get the error with a newly created project, by the way?

It is set in both already. In the project in bold and in the target normal typeface.

Here it is:

In a newly created project with the project generator apart from the same tr1/memory error I also get the following: clang: error: no such file or directory: '.[...]/of_v0.8.4_ios_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/ios/libofxiOS_iphonesimulator_Debug.a'

Not sure what’s up with the compile error. Your project file implies you’re using a different path structure than what OF is set up for, so it’s possible there’s some missed path setup involved.

You might need to do a clean + rebuild after setting the lib settings for Xcode to notice it. Other than that I’m not really sure.

Thanks for your help @admsyn.

I have it working again, though I’m not really sure why to be honest. In the middle of several attempts of compiling examples, empty projects, generating new ones and downloading the openFrameworks again, somehow I got it working again. Truly weird.