Touchscreen Multitouch on Mac OSX


I am working on MacOSX with OF and I have a project involving multitouch coming up.

The only multi-touch I have ever done were based on IR + camera. In this project I need touchscreen or multi-touch table, large touch table…

My main problem is that it needs to run on OSX!

Going through the forum/google I was looking at different solutions but I need to make the right choice before investing. I saw different solutions:

  • PQLabs frame mounted on a standard screen -> ofxPQLabs seems to handle it on OSX
  • Same thing from IRTouch -> Supported on OSX?
  • Wacom tablet -> Does the Cintiq or PL ones are supported?
  • Multi-touch surface that you stick on a glass or screen -> Supported on OSX?

Does anyone has other suggestions, advices or personal experience?

Thanks a lot,


mostly you just want to find out if the device supports TUIO as it is your gateway (including the PQlabs frames). Otherwise it is a question if the vendor supports an SDK you can work with or if it uses something like Windows 7 touch events(not sure about those)

Thank you for your answer.
But it needs to support TUIO on Mac isn’t it?
The frame itself is not sending TUIO? There must be a server on your computer doing the gateway between the hardware and TUIO?

You used PQLabs frame a lot? what do you think of them? Good price/quality?

Thanks again,


Right - in the case of PQLabs there is a TUIO server that is included with the software/driver you install

I still agree mostly with my previous posts on PQLabs (some others as well) over here

Did you test the zaagtech?