Tools: ofOSCDebugger, ofMIDIDebugger, ofMIDI2DMX


Heyho people,
i would like to share a little tool i am using when debugging osc based installations. It is a command line tool which is an osc monitor on the one hand and a sender on the other hand. it is also able to record osc sequences and replay them - can be used e.g. to develop tuio based interactive tables.

  • brew tap thomasgeissl/tools
  • brew install ofoscdebugger
  • listen to incommig OSC messages: ofOSCDebugger -p 8000
  • send an OSC message: ofOSCDebugger -h localhost -p 8000 -m "/address 0 0.0 zero false" (default: localhost:8000)
  • add -i to send an OSC message and then go into the interactive mode to be able to enter a new message and send it to the specified receiver: ofOSCDebugger -h localhost -p 8000 -m "/address 0 0.0 zero false" -i
  • whitespaces in string args has to be written as --- , e.g.: ofOSCDebugger -h localhost -p 8000 -m "/address oneStringArg anotherStringArg first---second---third"
  • listen to incomig OSC messages and save OSC sequence as json: ofOSCDebugger -p 8000 -o data.json
  • replay an OSC sequence: ofOSCDebugger -h localhost -p 8000 -j data.json

Its little sister talks midi ( And i think the sender is still not working.

And in case you need to talk to dmx devices and have a daw and an enttec usb interface laying around you could use this little tool.

Feel free to contribute.