Tools for creative coding

A very inspirational talk by Bret Victor on 2012 Cusec:

This tool he invented for realtime code visualization, must be invaluable for any creative coders out there. Does anyone have experience with similar tools?

Definitely something for the OF community.

i think a lot of OF people have seen this video :slight_smile: and i think the general feeling is that he has a lot of cool demos, but making an entire toolkit based on those principles will either be impossible, or just too situation-specific (generalizing it would be hard).

but all his ideas are really worthwhile, and i try to use that way of thinking when i write code. the more i write, the more i expose the inner workings of my app in a way that i can directly manipulate things. it helps with debugging, and definitely changes the way you think about what you’re making.

I agree it’s difficult to generalize. But on the other hand, some of this functionality is already in the debugger, It’s just not set up to be used in such a direct way.

Perhaps something for the next version of gcc/gdb tool-chain. :slight_smile: