To present a very light view as a popover makes audio drops ...

I’m using libPd & OF for all my audio stuff.
It works fine.

When I open a view as a popover, some drops appear… only while it is opening.
I close it, reopen it … same.
Around 3 times after, I can open it and no drops.


my view presented as a popover is very light (from a size & cpu job point of view)
basically a couple of sliders & switches


I found this, but it doesn’t seem to solve my prob.

I guess it is a matter of threads…
But still stuck :-/

Try allocating the view when the app starts and don’t reallocate it every time it’s opened. Just create it once and keep it the whole time.

got it.
did it.
working !!!

now that (other) stuff with text scroll in popover which “pauses” the draw() thread …
I’ll workaround it for sure using a smalles font and … NO SCROLL.