To Learn C++ First or Learning as You GO? That is the question

I was wondering if I should learn C++ first or if I could learn it as im working through OF. I know that it would be a whole lot easier know C++ before coming in. It’s just I would rather learn it as im working through OF.

I personally suggest you learn as you go.

You can learn basics from this website.

I think it will be enough to get you started developing something and learn further as you go.

Radical. To be honest thats is exactly what I was hoping to hear.

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I’d suggest a compromise. Then it depends on your proficiency in programming with other languages. C++ is an extremely complex language (at least if you want to master it all) and learning all of it before starting could very well mean you’ll never start. But also hacking code without any prior knowledge could be frustrating and make you write very low quality code.

You should clarify with yourself what you need (or want) to do, how well, how long are you willing to learn and so on. And find an equilibrium point, that will be somewhere at the middle.

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That sounds very reasonable. I think thats the way I’ll go

Learn as you go.

Honestly I cannot imagine learning to program any other way than hands on programming. For me at least it is just not a domain of knowledge that I can learn detached from practice.

As noted though C++ is one of the more confusing languages for beginners, not that it is that difficult but there are many symbols , terms and jargon you need to figure out.

I would start off modding one of the examples and work your way up from there.

My personal experience here. After many years of hacking code, mostly modifying other people’s code in order to achieve some results, I noticed I still was very foggy in terms of understanding how to write good code. So about a year ago, I got some books:

  • Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, Bjarne Stroustrup
  • Effective c++, Scott Meyers
    (of course also read ofBook which is great)
    I keep them on my desk and when some topic is not very clear to me, I open a book, find a good explanation and write it down on a txt note. Also, add some stackoverflow answers if needed. So today I have a folder with some dozens of notes, and when I forget the specifics of some issue I go back to them. It happens often because some issues are not ovbious, so its good to keep your notes at reach.
    Also good to keep in mind that there are many topics that are not purely C++ but you will also be interested in, like concurrency, data structures… but also math, geometry, openGL pipeline…
    Good luck!

Since right now im kinda broke since I just bought a new laptop. Would you recommend one book over the rest of them?

Start with the ofBook:

Also go through online help:

The first book I had in my hands is this one:
Programing Interactivity, Joshua Noble (he usually writes here at the forum)
I think its an excelent book for beginners.