Time to load video: Intel vs AMD

Hi folks! Need your help here…

I’m having some issues with the time it takes to load a HAP video on a Windows openFrameworks application that I’m creating.

I have the exact same x64 compiled application that, in runtime, loads the same HAP video file.

In the Intel machine, it runs fine. In the AMD machine, there’s a quick frame drop.

Initialy, the AMD had an inferior performance per core. But after a CPU upgrade, the issue persists.

NUC PC (works fine, even with lower specs)
Integrated Graphics
Kingston M.2 SSD

Custom CPU (frame drop down)
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (previously a Ryzen 5 1600)
16Gb RAM
Nvidia Mini 2060 OC
Kingston M.2 SSD (same)

A few points:

  • I tested the app on an old iMac 2011 on MacOS (with the same performance per core, as the lower AMD) and it works fine.
  • Also, on an Macbook Air with an i5…
  • The BIOS is updated to the latest, with support for the latest AMD CPUs.
  • Windows Defender has exceptions to ignore the folders, files and processes of the app.
  • Using activity monitors, there is no issue or peak. Neither on CPU, RAM, disk usage, GPU…
  • Doing stress tests, the whole machine is buttery-smooth…
  • Both machines are running the same Windows version with the same updates, connected to the same monitor, same network, etc.

Did anyone encounter an issue like this? Could it be the AMD CPU?
Initally I thought it could be a boost issue or similar, so I tried with better CPU…
Maybe RAM?
Maybe some Windows setting?
… Help…?