time based animation


i’m looking for a simple way to animate graphics time based. right now i am adding up values for the locations in update(), which is depending on the current frame rate.

looked into ofxTween which would be perfect but isn’t working for me because of the problem discussed here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/communicate-a-class-with-testapp—via-ofevents/2087/0 (don’t have the experience to convert everything to pointers).

what i wanna do: specify a time and then animate the position of an element in that time.


time animation should be as easy as:

void testApp:update(){  
   pos.x = ofGetTimeLastFrame() * 20;  

to move something at 20 pixels per second in x.

i’m looking into something to solve the ofEvents copy issue since it seems to be affecting some more people.