Threads and streaming strategies: looking for suggestions

I have been experimenting with loading video streams using threads with little succes, so I kindly ask for help looking for new strategies under mac OS X.
The aim of using threads is avoiding the main thread freezing when waiting for the stream to load.

v0.9.0 has loadAsync method for ofVideoPlayer but the class seems to struggle when loading from a URL -you can check this thread or this issue in github or this other issue -

v0.8.4 loads URL flawlessly, but async load is not implemented and loading videos with threads isn’t that straight forward. ofxThreadedVideo has to be compiled against 10.7 or 10.8, check here -
This should not be a problem but it is being under XCode 7.2, I simply can’t make it work.

I kindly ask for any stratagy you can think of, either in v0.9.0 or v0.8.4.

If any of you make ofVideoPlayer load with a URL in v0.9.0 work or make ofxThreadedVideo work in v0.8.4 under XCode 7.2 with URL, I will be more that happy to learn how you did it.
Thanks a lot!