Threaded resize of ofImage

I’m trying to use the gif encoder to save gifs of my app over a ~20 second period. While the saving is already multi-threaded in the library, I also need to resize the frames from a large (2160 x 1920) size, to something appropriate for a gif (540 x 480 or so). The problem is that the resize is intensive enough that it slows the framerate to a crawl. I’ve tried to use the multithreading example, but keep getting bad access exceptions. Does anyone have any experience (or a library) running resizing in a separate thread?


the problem is that resize also updates the texture, you can’t do opengl calls in a different thread, what you can do is just disable the texture in the image while you are resizing it:


and then once it’s resized in the main thread, in update for example, enable it again:


Ah, perfect. Thanks so much!

So I tried disabling the texture, and I know avoid having a bad access exception. That being said, I can’t seem to clone the image of the current frame (in the main thread) to the image to be resized (in the secondary thread). When I try to capture a frame I do the following:

        // lock access to the resource  
        // copy image  
        thread.imageFresh = true;  
        thread.resizeComplete = false;  
        // done with the resource  

Where toResize is an ofImage in the thread, and currentFrame is an ofImage in the main thread. Current frame is fine, and gets an image of the correct dimensions (2160 x 1920) but the clone never seems to take, and the thread simply has a height and width of zero.

Would love to hear any thoughts!

Might be easier to just use an ofPixels object so that you’re really only locking around and resizing just the pixels themselves.

Good call: I did this and it simplified things considerably, since I ended up just working with ofPixels objects as shared thread resources.

Just to wrap up the thread: I was also having a problem where my screen captures were all black. This is apparently the result of known bug since 2010(!) that requires setBackgroundAuto to be true.

Thanks again!