Threaded gif loader


Does anybody know are there any solutions for loading gifs in the background thread?

I’m having issues with ofxGIF, while loading gifs in another thread. I fixed one part with disabling textures when creating ofImage, but another bad access is produced in

FreeImage_LockPage or FreeImage_UnlockPage

Is FreeImage lib thread safe?

Any tips are appreciated.


Hello! My fork of jesús gollonet’s ofxGifDecoder has support for threaded loading. I haven’t implemented any queuing, so it’s pretty rudimentary (i.e. you have to wait until one is loaded before loading another). Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.


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Thank you for the reply. I then used different implementation for our gif player (without threaded loading).
I’ll note your fork if I’ll need threaded gif loading in the future.

Off-topic: I had a problem using original ofxGifDecoder because of its memory leak ( I had to load a lot of gifs very often. Because of that I choose ofxGif over ofxGifDecoder.

Thanks again for the help.