Thread: signal SIGABRT with videoGrabber

I am currently trying to get the videoGrabber to work with the inbuilt webcam on my MacBook but keeps coming up with the error ‘Thread: signal SIGABRT’ with numbers 1-6 after thread (different each time).

I think the program isn’t being able to locate my webcam. How do i fix this/create a path to it?

Are you able to run the example examples/video/videoGrabberExample?

No I am not. I comes up with the same problem.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it but I just recently moved the main file for openFrameworks into a different folder in my documents. That might have broken a link between the camera as it has worked for me in the past.

Although that is just speculation.

I moved the file back to its original position and that is not the problem of it working so I’m still stuck on what it might be

"You get a SIGABRT error whenever you have a disconnected outlet. Click on your view controller in the storyboard and go to connections in the side panel (the arrow symbol). See if you have an extra outlet there, a duplicate, or an extra one that’s not connected. If it’s not that then maybe you haven’t connected your outlets to your code correctly.

Just remember that SIGABRT happens when you are trying to call an outlet (button, view, textfield, etc) that isn’t there."

I found this on another forum. So I pretty much need to find out the connections to the webcam are made and see what the problem is.

Any idea where I would find that? @edapx

Can you trying opening the example using the project generator and then clicking on “update” and then “open in IDE”?

Also, on which OS version are you? and which OF version? You should use the last one as it contains bug fixes related to the last Mac OS (Mojave).

I have managed to fix the problem!

In the project file I opened up the ‘openFrameworks-Info.plist’ and had to add ‘Privacy - Camera Usage Description’ to the ‘Information Property List’.

Thanks for your help!