Thread issue when testing networkTcpServerExample

Sorry guys, VS2012 + of v0.8.4 works.

Hi. I was trying to test the example called “networkTcpServerExample " in VS2015 with nightly build 20150902. However when I tried to run the server app, I’v got a fetal warning said " [fetal] ofThreadErrorLogger::exception: device or resource busy: device or resource busy” and the client couldn’t connect to this server app.

I thought the stable release maybe work. Then I tried the same code in VS2012 with of_v0.8.4. I’v got similar warning message said “[warning] ofThread: - name: Thread 1 - Calling startThread with verbose is deprecated.” and the client app still could not connect to this server app.

Is there something I didn’t think about? or some issues with my OS? I’m using Windows 10.