things for sale

greetings all,

im currently in the turn of moving over to linux, purely as i want to do something different and move on in a computer based way. also my life is changing somewhat.
anyhow, i didnt know where to post this, this may be an ok place, but ill try anyhow. but this post is a copy from here, which i posted yesterday.

the money from what i make from the sales is going towards the new machine.
all programs are legit, no cracks or anything of the sort.

so im selling:-
• max 6, which has gen.
• max for live
• ableton suite 8 with a few extras as well
• launchpad - i have 2, but want to keep one of them.
• apple licences [both app store & itunes store] - has loads of great midi things [lemur/touchosc/c74 etc] amongst other things like games etc.
• padi - this is the first version. comes with charger, cables etc. plus the original box. in excellent condition and comes with padi cover
• plug-ins - all soundhack plugs, daevl makr
• ishowu hd

with the store licences, this will be just a lump sum, if the padi is bought without the apple store licences. these will be changed to the right name, card holder etc. since you cant sell an apple licence or the applications, you have to just change the info on it, such as the card number, email etc. these are aboveboard and are not jail-broken.
the app store also holds loads of programs i have bought over the time, including:-
• pixelmator
• coderunner
• ia writer [both for mac and padi]
• plus loads of free or cheap things

i currently dont have prices up. im just a bit busy right now. but will get some up soon, unless people have a thought on what they would pay. i just wanted to post this up and gather interest first.
bear in mind i do have a friend or three that are interested in some of these things, so some of these will come down etc because of them being sold.

if you are interested, then please get in contact

just bumping this up

another bump. have sold ishowuHD
but ive had the time to put some prices for items. these are on ‘or nearest offer’, so please make or ask an offer. but these have been though on what i really feel they are worth, taking into fact about software updates etc

• ableton suite 8 w/ extras - £300
• max 6 w/ gen & cyclops - £300.
• max for live - crossgrade £50 - without crossgrade £100
launchpad w/ cable & no box - £80
padi 64gb [fantastic condition] w/ everything & apple licence - £500
padi 64gb w/ cables, box etc - £300
apple licence - £250

the apple licence comes with ALL my purchases that i have made over the years. everything. this includes loads of fantastic synths, midi/osc stuff and loads of sound machines. on my computer library, there are currently 191 applications, this is only about half of what has been bought in total
• lemur
• touchosc
• c74
• beatsurfing
• animoog
• borderlands granular
• tc-11
• dm-1
plus LOADS more sound things, including plenty of sequencers. there are also some really great games on as well.
i would prefer to sell the padi with the licence, mainly so that whomever buys it gets all these applications as well. these are all above board and are NOT jail-broken. you can do that if you please.
i wish i could sell these applications separately, but obviously cant.
also these include my mac app store purchases as well which include design programs like ‘pixelmator’ amongst other things.

have a great weekend