theater in Russia with 12 iPads and actors

That’s a creation I made last summer in Russia. I build a custom iOS apps on OF with 2 video layers for crossfading, 2 sounds player and some custom fx all driven threw OSC. Each ipad is also identified by a number to be able to get the feedback of playing and touching the device. All synchronisation are just at beginning as we can’t move the playhead for now.
Actually making some clean in code and hope to soon be able to release a part of the job (as soon as I’ll be able to make it work under iOS5).

woww!! crazy! did you have problems with keeping the wifi on for the ipads? i remember talking to daito about a similar performance and he said how they kept dropping out.

but if you synchronized them at the beginning, i guess you don’t have to maintain a connection.

Actually there is a magic option for that at compilation :
“Application use wifi”. So the apps always keep it and event try to connect back if it loose it.
And yes, I was needing wifi connection all performance long as all the triggering of video and sound is manage threw OSC.