The setup to use oF with VS 2019


Hello. I want to start using openFrameworks with Windows.
I have not installed VS 2017 and I can’t install VS 2017 now because the latest version is VS 2019.
Is there the way to use openFrameworks with Visual Studio 2019 in Windows?
Must I wait until openFrameworks will be updated?


I could use openFrameworks with vs2019 if I retargeted the solution.


Retargeting for VS2019 works, but the openFrameworks Visual Studio extension only works in VS2017. For me this means creating new projects in VS2017 and then working on them in VS2019.

@toson77 Clone this simple openFrameworks project and try compiling it with VS2019. You will also need a copy of openFrameworks:

Unzip the oF archive and then clone my repo into a folder in the openFrameworks apps sub-directory. When you open in VS2019 you will be prompted to retarget the solution to the latest Windows SDK version.

If this works I can put together a repo of a blank Visual Studio Solution created using VS2017 that you could base future projects on.


@stungeye Thank you very much, using your setup it works perfectly, I just had to retarget the solution, just like you said.