The problem with language bindings...

…is that people want to use them! (go figure)

With BlitzMax, there is a large choice of sound libraries available - OpenAL, DirectSound, BASS, irrKlang, FMOD… etc.

So it seems that people don’t like to be told, “if you want to use this openFramework binding, you must use FMOD”.

Therefore, I’ve had to refactor FMOD dependence out of the framework, effectively abstracting ofSoundPlayer and creating an implementation in ofFMODSoundPlayer, which they can choose to use - or not.

I’ve yet to come up with a good workaround to the ofSoundPlayer::closeFmod() call in ofExitCallback(), but I’m sure I’ll come up with something - perhaps tying into the exit event notification.

Although these changes are internal to my BlitzMax language binding of OF, I thought it might be of interest. (I wasn’t sure which section this was best to fit into… “extend” seemed as good a place, since it discusses changes to the framework)

Just like GLUT has been mostly abstracted out of OF, I think it would be nice if some other things (like the sound player) were available similar way.