The oF learning resources thread

Hello! In my pursuit of learning oF, I’ve ended up having a bunch of things in my bookmarks folder and I thought I should share this with everyone. It would be great if we can maintain this and of course this is not an exhaustive list so if there’s anything anyone thinks can be added to this list, please add :slight_smile:

Hope these help someone as I had to hunt a lot of these down and landed on quite a few of them very randomly. Of course, none of these is my own so a HUGE thanks to the all the awesome people who’ve posted these repos, wrote these articles and so forth!

This has way more stuff than what’s listed at the openFrameworks Resources of Learning but that’s a good starting point as well:

Otherwise, starting point: ofBook (

oF code repos:

Conceptual/related/repos and links:


Hi, nice resource list!
My small contribution is this list of examples and tests. Nothing impressive here, but could help someone.

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I would add these courses:

Because it gives a clear overview of OF, it’s like the nature of code but OF oriented

This is just about drawing, probably it should go under “algo2012”

Anyway, I’ve the feeling that lists are not that useful, unless they provide a context, they are divided into topics and level of experience required. If someone starts to learn OF from the course “noise workshop”, I think he/she will have an hard time.

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True, having context is important but from my own experience knowing something is out there and then realizing it’s a bit too advanced for me to understand right, but still having seen the code - it tends to give me some direction as to what to look into/read further/study.