The OF jpeg file is decoded different (compared with Processing)

Hi Dear Sir:
Recently I am doing some experiments using OF.
The program need to using struct light to detect 3D depth data. I found in OF, jpg image is decoded different compared with Processing.(Using the same jpeg file,the result is different).
The same jpeg image load into OF and Processing, the result is a little different.

When the jpeg file is turned into BMP files,using Windows mspaint,the result is same. (Load the bmp file in the OF, load the jpeg file in the Processing) .So the OF decode the jpeg file not well as Processing or when load jpeg file, there is some options to control the result?

openFrameworks uses the freeImage library for loading and saving images. Perhaps Processing is using the native file handling on windows, which would be the same as how MS Paint handles it.

Maybe you can look into the freeImage documentation to see if there are any extra options for loading jpeg images?