The Jean-Paul Software Screen Explosion

I packaged up a bunch of the things I’d done in OpenFrameworks over lockdown as a set of Windows screensavers, and put them up for sale on Steam:

PC only for now I’m afraid- when I tried on my Mac it didn’t really have the grunt to get the 3D stuff working at a decent framerate. Works especially well with multiple monitors- you can use the accompanying settings tool to set calibrate their physical size and location, which creates the impression of a single giant screen.

Big thanks to all of those here who answered my dumb questions along the way!


Are you using Windows only APIs? Any chance of getting this running on Linux?

The main Windows stuff is just around getting stuff from the registry to locate where files are supposed to be, so Linux shouldn’t be too hard- though I’ve done zero investigation into what’s needed for a Linux screensaver

To be honest screensavers aren’t used very frequently in Linux anymore, they have been replaced by screen blanking. XScreensaver is still in operation though and it’s open source, so that’s the best place to look I suppose.

Interesting- I’ll clear out the big todos on my list and see what I can do

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